That Drum International (TDI) – is a company registered in Mauritius that is currently in the process of establishing a commercial entity in the Netherlands in order to further develop its business model and interests in the European drum market, as well as developing additional potential for the supply of drums to the global market.

The detailed history of That Drum Operations (TDO) based in South Africa and the development of TDI in Europe is summarised in the Appendix to this Proposal.

The TDI business model is an extension of the TDO drum rotation model that has been refined over a number of years by Ivan Cockcroft and which has delivered significant benefits to participating members of the South African Fruit Juice Association (SAFJA), the regulatory body for the industry. TDO is an associate member of SAFJA and supports the programs to enhance sustainability initiatives within the industry.

TDI now offers drum manufacture and supply of That Drum specified drums to potential customers in various parts of the juice processing world as well as offering the ability to rotate their drums within the supply chain. The technology of collapsing and reusing drums on a multiple basis will provide significant benefits to the global fruit juice industry and related cold storage operators.

With this scenario in mind TDI aims to introduce its unique packaging solution to the European and Global Market that encompasses the entire drum value chain from manufacturing to rotation.

One of the key success factors for this venture is to have the capacity to produce and assemble drum kits at a globally competitive price and the second requirement is the ability to provide a turnkey service that could dis-assemble and provide the end user with the capacity to rotate their drums for reuse these drums multiple times.