Stripping and Assembly Services

Stripping and Assembly Services

Drum Assembly
The drum sets are received and assembled when they are ready to be filled.
A trained That Drum operator is based on site or a customer’s employee is trained to assemble drums on site.

  • The drums are separated from their nests and expanded to release their kidney shape
  • The drum body is placed on a body roller to remove any minor dents or defects prior to assembly
  • They are then flanged with curls at the top and bottom of the body, the top of the drum is seamed
  • The drum bottom is seamed onto the body of the drum
  • And lastly the lids and rings are available for assembly after the drums have been bagged and filled

Advantages of the assembly process:

  • Reduction of drum deliveries due to 2000/2250 drums being delivered per load.
  • Storage space for drums is greatly reduced.
  • Drums can be assembled only when they are required.
  • The assembly machines can be close to the drum filling points to reduce internal drum movement
  • A major advantage with the TDI system is that smaller remotely operated juice producers can enter the market competitively on the basis that their packing costs do not outprice their product

Drum Stripping process

  • After drums have been decanted they are prepared for the stripping and disassembly.
  • The drums enter our mobile stripping facility where the drums seams top and bottom are uncurled – thereby reducing the need to cut the drum or resize it.
  • The bottoms of the drums are pulled off of the body of the drum, the body of the drum moves to a re-roller, which rerolls the body to iron out any kinks or damages.
  • The body is moved to the knock down process to create a body ready for nesting. The stripped body is folded and packed into clusters.
  • The bottom is reformed for reuse.
  • The lids and rings are repacked ready for despatch together with the nested bodies and reformed bottoms
  • The stripped drum is now available to be shipped worldwide

Advantages of the stripping process:

  • The Stripped drum is available to be sent world-wide for reassembly. Enabling TDI to relocate and REUSE drums worldwide
  • The drum has a life cycle of a minimum of 6 reuses and has been tested to failure up to 14 times
  • Drums can be packed in kit form with up to 1450 drums per container reducing logistics costs